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Feeding the Horse

Small Acres Ranch

Thanks so much for your visit to Small Acres. A percentage of all proceeds from events here go to provide equine therapy services for a family who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it. 

Please complete the release below. 

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Release Form

I hereby enter into this agreement in consideration of my/ability and permission to ride OR use any facilities or equine animals (horses) owned by Dexter Brown, Eliana Mijangos-Brown or Courage Spreads LLC whose address is 6970 Stonykirk, San Antonio, TX 78240.


By signing this agreement you are giving up certain legal rights, including the right to recover damages in case of injury, death, or property damages, arising out of your riding or use of the owner's horse(s) and/or participation in equine activities at Courage Spreads LLC, Including injury, death, or property damage including any claims of any nature or kind arising out of the negligence of Dexter Brown, Eliana Mijangos-Brown, and any of their respective agents, employees, volunteers or representatives ("Releasees").

Your signature indicates your understanding of and agreement to its terms.

By signing this form, I hereby acknowledge on behalf of myself that I have familiarized myself with the activities that I will be allowed to participate in, and that I do hereby acknowledge and agree that I am fully capable of participating in these activities without restriction or limitation. 

Thank you!

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